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Carpet Cleaning Pet Spot & Odor Removal Procedures
Kwik Klean utilizes 3 different processes to aid in the removal of pet spots & odors. Pet urine spots & odors are very complex.  When urine goes into a carpet it is in it’s acid stage on the PH chart.  When it dries it turns into it’s alkaline stage on the PH chart.  Plain water or carpet cleaning detergents will activate this in it’s alkaline stage and then it will omit a very offensive odor that does not go away till that area dries putting it back in remission so to speak.  Ever had your carpet cleaned without any type of pet treatment and the pet urine smell got worse?  Just a general carpet cleaning will NOT remove any pet spots or odors! You will also notice that when the humidity is high in your home you are able to smell the pet urine more, that’s because it absorbed some water thru the humidity and activated the spot.1.  If you are just smelling a general pet odor (not urine), we will pre-treat the carpet with a pet enzyme which helps with pet dander and body oils.2.  If you smell pet urine and can see any of the marked areas we then pre-treat the carpet with a special pet urine treatment which helps dissolve the urine crystals so we then can steam clean extract them out followed by an application of our pet enzyme which will help with any stains or odors that may be left behind.

3.  If there are pet spots and odors present where the pet marked that same area many times we then pre-treat the area of concern with a special formulated solution that we will pour onto the carpet so it will penetrate the carpet backing and the carpet pad down to the sub floor.  We let that solution work for 15 minutes and then we extract it out with our water claw device.  This device will remove most of the solution that is in the carpet pad.  (See the illustration below how this process works).  Then we clean the carpet with our steam cleaning extraction followed by an application of our pet enzyme which will help with any stains or odors that may be left behind.

These are the 3 best ways to handle pet spots & odors versus lifting up the carpet to treat the backing, replace carpet pad, treat the sub floor and replace any contaminated tackless.

We have a 90% success rate in the removal of pet spots & odors, as long as the pet does not re-mark that same area.

Kwik Klean works very hard in staying up with new technology and procedures to bring you the best service possible that your money can buy.





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