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Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

How To Choose A Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

1.  The longer you wait between carpet cleanings, the better & frequent carpet cleanings will wear out my carpet.  Both are false.  By not cleaning your carpet it will wear out.  Dirt is like sandpaper, it is an abrasive.  It will damage your carpet.  The more you walk on it, it will scratch the carpet fiber, thus wearing it out.  The more often you have your carpet cleaned, the longer it will last.  Industry standards recommend that you clean your carpet every 6 to 12 months, depending on your lifestyle.

2.  It makes no difference which cleaning method you choose.  False.  You have several methods to choose from:  Carbonated, Bonnet, Dry Foam, Dry Compound, Portable Steam Clean Extraction and Truckmounted Steam Clean Extraction.  Most of these methods are considered interim maintenance cleaning systems and not recommended by the carpet mills and others are regarded as restorative by the industry and recommended.  Only Truckmounted Steam Clean Extraction can employ a rinse step to leave your carpet residue free and also the only method recommended by the major carpet mills.

3.  All a company needs to clean carpet correctly is the right equipment.  False.  Many carpet cleaning companies own professional carpet cleaning systems, but they don’t teach their technicians the proper ways to use them.  Make sure the carpet cleaning company you choose has technicians who are trained by certified carpet cleaning instructors.

4.  You should hire the company that quotes you the lowest price.  Usually not.  Some carpet cleaning companies use bait and switch.  For example it would be like a car dealer selling you a car and then saying well the tires and the brakes are extra.  Also if it is too good to be true it usually is.  There is sometimes a catch.  If a carpet cleaning company is a top rated company, why would they sell their service for such low prices?  Do you know of any top rated companies that offer great service and give it away for low a low cost?  You usually get what you pay for.

5.  Furniture moving is always included with the price.  Usually not.  Furniture moving is considered an additional service.  Some companies quote it with their main package and some charge it separately. When you have new carpet installed, the installer charges for moving the furniture.  Time and labor are involved along with liability for handing a clients furnishings.

11 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaner

1.  Which method of carpet cleaning do you offer and why?

2.  Is your cleaning method endorsed in writing by the major carpet mills?

3.  What specialized training do you have in carpet cleaning?

4.  What is your guarantee?

5.  Will you give me an itemized bill?

6.  Are you insured?

7.  Will you provide me with a complete itemized written quote prior to the job?

8.  How much experience does your technician have that will be coming into our home?

9.  How long has your company been in business?

10.  Do you offer any services in addition to carpet cleaning?

11.  Are you using equipment and products that are safe for our family and environment?



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